PeeWee Harrison Motivational Speaking


"We have Pee-Wee to thank for making our event a success. He delivered his part by telling of his own personal experiences and how he was able to overcome and make a successful life. Pee-Wee's testimony truly touched the hearts of our attendees. Many attendees reached saying this was the best event they have ever been to and the speaker was the part that really drew it in for them. Pee-Wee made our night a true success."

Suzanne M. Vinson
Senior Analyst 

"Pee-Wee Harrison is a must-have testimonial speaker for any fund-raising event. He is able to succinctly communicate a motivational message that your potential donors will grasp and open their wallets to support. Pee-Wee speaks from the heart and is able to share real life experiences that will motivate your audience."

Leonard M. Romano, Sr.
President & CEO

"Les "PeeWee" Harrison is contagious. The energy, humor, insight and inspiration he brings to audiences, both small and large, cannot be denied. He is the 'Ha-Ha-Ouch' kind of speaker. Les can get you laughing with his great humor and then put an 'ouch' or strong point in to make you think, dream and go deeper into life and what it means to a full one with integrity and intention."

Jeff VandenHoek
Director of Business Relations
George Fox University School of Business

NICU Leadership Forum

"Thank you so much for your wonderful closing presentation at the NICU Leadership Forum! It provided just the energy and content that we wanted to conclude the meeting . . . Thank you again for your great presentation!"

Catherine Bush
VP, Sales and Marketing at DandleLION Medical

Satisfaction Statistiscs from the NICU Leadership Forum in Ponte Vedra, FL:

  • 100 % of the attendees said you met your objectives
  • 100% of the attendees rated your knowledge as 5/5.
  • 13 attendees of 133 who filled out the informal evaluated rated you as one of the top speakers

Audience Comments:

  • Loved Pee Wee!
  • Pee Wee was awesome!
  • Great way to end the conference!
  • Energetic and motivating!
  • Really liked the basketball analogies, especially that a pass is a pass, but an assist makes a difference!
  • He tried really hard to bring in correct NICU language and analogies - appreciated that
  • Pass ball to the place the team needs it. Trust the team. Watch timing.
  • Love to end the conference on such a high note
  • He was funny and engaging