PeeWee Harrison Motivational Speaking

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My Favorite Christmas Tradition.

Growing up, we had a Christmas tradition in our family. This one was hard for me as a kid, but ended up meaning a lot to me as I grew -- because, as we talked about last week, I can often feel disillusioned by the holidays. Read more.

The Problem with Holiday Generosity.

To be honest, I kind of wish the holidays were not about giving something, because generosity should be the way we live our whole life. Read more.

Invest In Yourself -- Not Just In Your Career.

You can work at a big-name company and make millions; you could become the best basketball player in the world, or a pop star, or run your own business to great success -- but if you're not investing in yourself, is it really worth it? Read more.

Your Greatest Weakness is Your Greatest Strength.

So many people would much rather walk around looking cool and being hurt than looking like a fool and being in love. Read more.